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The Arkansas Ethics Commission is a independent campaign finance disciplinary agency that is responsible for governing most of Arkansas campaign finance laws.


The Arkansas Ethics Commission was created in 1991 after the Arkansas voters approved a proposition to form the Ethics Commission in 1990[1].

Mission Statement

The mission of the Arkansas Ethics Commission is to serve as the compliance and enforcement agency under Arkansas' standards of conduct and disclosure laws concerning candidates for public office, state and local public officials, lobbyists and committees, and individuals involved with initiatives, referendums and other matters referred to the voters[2].


The Commission is governed by a five person board[3].

Selection of members

Members of the Commission serve staggered five year terms. The following officers are responsible for nominating a person to serve on the Commission. The Governor of Arkansas, Lieutenant Governor of Arkansas, Arkansas Attorney General, the President Pro Tempore of the Arkansas State Senate, and the Speaker of the Arkansas House of Representatives are given the authority to nominate a person to serve on the Commission when a vacancy occurs[4].

Campaign finance discipline

If someone feels that if a person or a committee violated Arkansas campaign finance law, the first step is to file a complaint with the Arkansas Ethics Commission. It is up to the Commission to investigate the complaint to determine if any laws were violated and to take any and necessary actions[5].

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