Arkansas House Bill 1187 (2013)

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Arkansas House Bill 1187 (Act 312)
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Legislature:Arkansas General Assembly
Text:HB 1187
Sponsor(s):Representative Nate Bell (R-20) & Senator Jane English (R-34)
Legislative History
Introduced:January 28, 2013
State house:February 18, 2013
State senate:March 6, 2013
Governor:Mike Beebe
Signed:March 11, 2013
Legal Environment
State law:Laws governing the use of Public funds
to support or oppose ballot measures
Code:Elections code
Section:Title 7
Impact on initiative rights
Citizens in Charge Foundation#Legislation ratingsCICF rating: Improves Access
Citizens in Charge Foundation#Legislation ratings
Arkansas House Bill 1187, which is now known as Act 312, declared it unlawful for a public servant or a governmental body to expend or permit the expenditure of public funds to support or oppose a ballot measure. HB 1187 was introduced on January 28, 2013, by its sponsors Representative Nate Bell (R-20) & Senator Jane English (R-34) and approved in both branches of the Arkansas Legislature. It was signed into law as Act 312 by Gov. Mike Beebe on March 11, 2013.[1]


Arkansas House Bill 1187 prohibits public servants and government bodies from allowing public expenses or public resources of any kind to be spent on the support or opposition of a ballot measure. It also established violations of these provisions, with a few exceptions, as class A misdemeanors. The bill also made other technical changes to the Arkansas elections code.[1]

Changes in code

HB 1187 or Act 312 was divided into six sections:

  • The first section amended Arkansas Code § 7-1-103(a)(3), concerning certain misdemeanor offenses.
  • The second section added another section to Arkansas Code § 7-1-1.
  • The third section amended Arkansas Code § 7-9-402(9), concerning the definition of "person" applicable to disclosure for matters referred to voters.
  • The fourth section amended Arkansas Code § 7-9-406(c), concerning financial reports or contributions and expenditures.
  • The fifth section amended Arkansas Code § 7-9-407, entitled "Financial report — Information."
  • The sixth section repealed Arkansas Code §§ 7-9-412 and 7-9-414.

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