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Arkansas Senate Bill 1118 (2013)

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Arkansas Senate Bill 1118 (Act 1432)
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Legislature:Arkansas General Assembly
Text:HB 1118
Sponsor(s):Senator Keith Ingram (D-24)
Legislative History
Introduced:March 11, 2013
State house:April 19, 2013
State senate:April 18, 2013
Governor:Mike Beebe
Signed:April 22, 2013
Legal Environment
State law:Laws governing alcohol local option petition procedures
local option petition fraud
Code:Alcoholic Beverages code
Section:Title 3

Arkansas Senate Bill 1188, which became Act 1432, was introduced on March 11, 2013, by its sponsor Senator Keith Ingram (D-24) and was passed unanimously in the Senate and with only two dissenters in the House. Governor Mike Beebe signed it into law as Act 1432 on April 22, 2013.[1][2]


SB 1118 repealed certain laws concerning the petition process for a local alcohol option and established new sections govern the process and more seriously punish fraud on local option petitions.[2]

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