Arkansas Senate Bill 426 (2013)

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Arkansas House Bill 426 (Act 381)
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Legislature:Arkansas General Assembly
Text:HB 1187
Sponsor(s):Senator David Sanders (R-15) & Representative Mary Broadaway (D-57)
Legislative History
Introduced:February 25, 2013
State house:March 12, 2013
State senate:March 5, 2013
Governor:Mike Beebe
Signed:March 14, 2013
Legal Environment
State law:Laws governing elections
Code:Elections code
Section:Title 7

Arkansas Senate Bill 426, known as Act 381, established the requirement of reporting on expenditures made on behalf of a ballot measure committee by an advertising agency, public relations firm or political consultant. SB 426 was introduced on February 25, 2013, by sponsors Senator David Sanders (R-15) & Representative Mary Broadaway (D-57). It was passed unanimously in the Senate and with only one dissenter in the House. Governor Mike Beebe signed it into law as Act 381 on March 14, 2013.


Specifically SB 426 amended Arkansas Code § 7-9-407, a subsection of code covering elections entitled "Financial report — Information," to included specific requirements reporting election related expenditures by certain entities and individuals.[1]

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