Arkansas group takes own initiative ballot language to court

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February 26, 2010

LITTLE ROCK, Arkansas: Brandon Woodrome, director for the group backing the flat rate tax initiative in Arkansas, the Arkansas Progressive Group, will file a legal sufficiency challenge on the ballot language with the Arkansas Supreme Court later this week in order to see if the measure's wording is in compliance with state and federal constitutions. The group is technically taking their own ballot language to court, in order to cover every base. According to Woodrome, the group did not want to spend their money, time and effort on the initiative only to have it taken off the ballot by legal action in the weeks leading up to the November election. If enacted, the measure would repeal all state taxes and enact a flat rate sales tax.[1]

The legal sufficiency challenge stems from the Arkansas Secretary of State's second opinion of the measure, which stated, "I believe a cautionary note is warranted...You should be aware that according to my experience there is a direct correlation between complexity of initiated constitutional amendments and their susceptibility to a successful ballot title challenge."

The legal sufficiency challenge is expected to be filed by attorney Chris Stewart, who is based out of Little Rock.[1]

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