Arkansas judicial elections, 2014

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Arkansas judicial elections, 2014
Total candidates: 139
Incumbents: 92
Unopposed: 93
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The Arkansas judicial elections are nonpartisan and include all levels of courts. This state is unique in that its main election for judges is held early in the year--during the primary. The regular general election day in November is reserved for runoff elections for races in which no candidate receives a majority of the votes. See the Arkansas judicial elections page for more details.

2014 saw the election of one new supreme court justice, as well as fifteen contested circuit court races.

Election dates

  • May 20: General election
  • November 4: Runoff[1]

In addition to candidate lists, this page includes information about how the state's judicial elections work, as well as articles about notable news in races across the state.


One race advanced to a runoff on November 4, 2014:

18th Circuit Court East, Division 2

Appellate court candidates

Want to learn more about the biggest judicial elections in Arkansas? Check out the Arkansas Supreme Court elections, 2014 page for an in-depth exploration of the candidates, issues, politics and news surrounding the state's high court races.

Position 2
CandidateIncumbencyPrimary VoteElection Vote
CullenTim Cullen (Arkansas) No48.0%   DefeatedD
WynneRobin WynneApprovedANo52.0%   ApprovedA
Unopposed  Judge Karen R. Baker (Position 6)
Unopposed   Rhonda Wood (Position 7)
Unopposed   Raymond Abramson (District 1, Position 1)
Unopposed  Judge Phillip Whiteaker (District 1, Position 2)
Unopposed   Bart Virden (District 2, Position 1)
Unopposed  Judge Kenneth Hixson (District 3, Position 2)
Unopposed  Judge Larry Vaught (District 6, Position 2)

Circuit court candidates

Arkansas Eighteenth Circuit East

Unopposed  Judge John H. Wright (Division 1)
Division 2
CandidateIncumbencyPrimary VoteElection Vote
NaramoreWade NaramoreApprovedANo28.7%   ApprovedA
DyerCecilia Dyer No30.3%   DefeatedD
CrawfordMichael H. Crawford No24.1%   DefeatedD
HowardJohn Howard (Arkansas) No16.9%   DefeatedD
Unopposed  Judge Lynn Williams (Division 3)
Unopposed  Judge Marcia Hearnsberger (Division 4)

Arkansas Eighteenth Circuit West

Unopposed   Jerry Ryan (Division 1)

Arkansas Eighth Circuit North

Unopposed  Judge Randy Wright (Division 1)
Unopposed  Judge Duncan Culpepper (Division 2)

Arkansas Eleventh Circuit East

Unopposed  Judge David Henry (Division 1)

Arkansas Fifteenth Circuit

Unopposed  Judge Jerry Ramey (Division 1)
Unopposed  Judge David H. McCormick (Division 2)
Division 3
CandidateIncumbencyPrimary VoteElection Vote
DanielsonBetsy Danielson No41.2%   DefeatedD
SullivanTerry SullivanApprovedAYes58.8%   ApprovedA

Arkansas Fifth Circuit

Unopposed  Judge Bill Pearson (Division 1)
Unopposed  Judge Gordon McCain (Division 2)
Unopposed  Judge Ken Coker (Division 3)

Arkansas First Circuit

Unopposed  Judge Richard L. Proctor (Division 2)
Division 3
CandidateIncumbencyPrimary VoteElection Vote
AustinGary V. Austin No35.8%   DefeatedD
MorledgeChristopher W. MorledgeApprovedANo64.2%   ApprovedA
Division 5
CandidateIncumbencyPrimary VoteElection Vote
HudsonAnn B. HudsonApprovedAYes74.3%   ApprovedA
WhatleyJeanette Whatley No25.7%   DefeatedD

Arkansas Fourteenth Circuit

Unopposed  Judge Shawn Womack (Division 1)
Division 2
CandidateIncumbencyPrimary VoteElection Vote
CarneyJodi Carney No44.7%   DefeatedD
EvansDeanna S. EvansApprovedANo55.3%   ApprovedA
Unopposed  Judge John Putman (Division 3)
Unopposed  Judge Gordon Webb (Division 4)

Arkansas Fourth Circuit

Division 1
CandidateIncumbencyPrimary VoteElection Vote
MartinDoug MartinApprovedAYes68.8%   ApprovedA
LesterBrian Lester No31.2%   DefeatedD
Unopposed   John Threet (Division 2)
Division 3
CandidateIncumbencyPrimary VoteElection Vote
ZimmermanStacey ZimmermanApprovedAYes60.67%   ApprovedA
ParksLisa Parks No39.3%   DefeatedD
Unopposed  Judge Cristi Beaumont (Division 4)
Unopposed  Judge Beth Storey Bryan (Division 5)

Arkansas Ninth Circuit West

Unopposed  Judge Tom Cooper (Division 1)
Unopposed  Judge Charles Yeargan (Division 2)

Arkansas Second Circuit

Unopposed  Judge Pam Honeycutt (Division 1)
Division 2
CandidateIncumbencyPrimary VoteElection Vote
FergusLee FergusApprovedAYes71.7%   ApprovedA
JesterChris Jester No28.3%   DefeatedD
Unopposed  Judge Brent Davis (Division 3)
Unopposed  Judge Cindy Thyer (Division 4)
Unopposed  Judge Ralph Wilson (Arkansas) (Division 5)
Unopposed  Judge Barbara Halsey (Division 7)
Unopposed  Judge John Fogleman (Division 8)
Unopposed   Melissa Bristow Richardson (Division 9)
Division 10
CandidateIncumbencyPrimary VoteElection Vote
RobertsonJeanette Robertson No42.9%   DefeatedD
RitcheyDan RitcheyApprovedANo57.0%   ApprovedA
Unopposed  Judge Randy Philhours (Division 11)

Arkansas Seventh Circuit

Unopposed  Judge Chris Williams (Division 1)
Unopposed  Judge Eddy R. Easley (Division 2)

Arkansas Sixteenth Circuit

Unopposed  Judge John Kemp (Division 1)
Unopposed  Judge Adam Harkey (Division 2)
Unopposed  Judge Lee Harrod (Division 3)
Unopposed  Judge Tim Weaver (Division 4)

Arkansas Sixth Circuit

Unopposed  Judge Chris Piazza (Division 2)
Unopposed   Cathi Compton (Division 3)
Unopposed  Judge Herbert Wright (Division 4)
Unopposed  Judge Timothy D. Fox (Arkansas) (Division 6)
Unopposed  Judge Barry Sims (Division 7)
Unopposed  Judge Wiley Branton (Division 8)
Unopposed  Judge Mary McGowan (Division 9)
Unopposed  Judge Joyce Warren (Division 10)
Unopposed  Judge Patti James (Division 11)
Division 13
CandidateIncumbencyPrimary VoteElection Vote
SandersErnest Sanders, Jr. No30%   DefeatedD
ReifMike ReifApprovedANo70%   ApprovedA
Unopposed  Judge Vann Smith (Division 14)
Unopposed  Judge Richard Moore (Arkansas) (Division 15)

Arkansas Tenth Circuit

Unopposed  Judge Sam Pope (Division 1)
Unopposed  Judge Kenny Johnson (Arkansas) (Division 2)
Unopposed  Judge Bynum Gibson (Division 3)

Arkansas Thirteenth Circuit

Unopposed  Judge Edwin Keaton (Division 3)
Unopposed  Judge Robin Carroll (Division 4)
Unopposed   David W. Talley, Jr. (Division 5)
Unopposed  Judge David Guthrie (Division 6)

Arkansas Twelfth Circuit

Unopposed  Judge Stephen Tabor (Division 1)
Division 4
CandidateIncumbencyPrimary VoteElection Vote
PostPaul Post No46.4%   DefeatedD
ZuerkerLeigh ZuerkerApprovedANo53.6%   ApprovedA
Unopposed  Judge Michael Fitzhugh (Division 5)
Unopposed  Judge James Cox (Division 6)

Arkansas Twenty-First Circuit

Unopposed  Judge Gary Cottrell (Division 1)
Unopposed  Judge Mike Medlock (Division 2)

Arkansas Twenty-Second Circuit

Unopposed  Judge Bobby D. McCallister (Division 1)
Unopposed  Judge Gary Arnold (Division 2)
Unopposed  Judge Grisham Phillips (Division 3)
Unopposed  Judge Robert Herzfeld (Division 4)

Arkansas Twenty-Third Circuit

Unopposed  Judge Barbara Elmore (Division 1)
Division 2
CandidateIncumbencyPrimary VoteElection Vote
CookLarry K. Cook No42.6%   DefeatedD
ParkerAshley ParkerApprovedANo57.4%   ApprovedA
Unopposed  Judge Sandy Huckabee (Division 3)

District court candidates

Drew County District Court, Arkansas

Unopposed   Sara M. Hartness (Seat 1)

Lawrence County District Court, Arkansas

Unopposed   Adam G. Weeks (Seat 1)

Scott County District Court, Arkansas

Unopposed  Judge Donald Goodner (Seat 1)


Nonpartisan general election

Judicial candidates compete in a nonpartisan general election. These general elections take place on the same day as the primary elections for non-judge races in the state.[3] If no candidate wins a majority, the two candidates with the most votes participate in a runoff. If a runoff is required, it takes place on the same day as the general election for partisan races, and runoff candidates appear on the general election ballot.[4][5]


Candidates choose whether to file by petition or pay a filing fee.[4]

Petition filing

There are different requirements for different courts for candidates filing by petition. In all cases, the "number of electors" refers to the number of electors in the district who voted for governor in the preceding election. Between the flat number of signatures or the percentage of electors, whichever amount is smaller is used.

  • Supreme court: 10,000 signatures or 3 percent of the number of electors
  • Court of appeals: 2,000 signatures or 3 percent of the number of electors
  • Circuit court: 2,000 signatures or 3 percent of the number of electors
  • District court: 2,000 signatures or 1 percent of the number of electors[4]

Fee filing

The State Board of Election Commissioners established the following fees for candidates not filing by petition. The candidate pays the fee to the secretary of state upon filing:

  • Chief justice of the supreme court: 6 percent of the annual salary
  • Associate justice of the supreme court: 6 percent of the annual salary
  • Court of appeals: 5 percent of the annual salary
  • Circuit court: 4 percent of the annual salary
  • State district court: 3 percent of the annual salary

Local district judges have separate filing fees, decided by the locality.[4]

In the news

The following articles were current as of the dates listed, though new developments may not be included.

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