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Voting on Alcohol
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Arkansas is by default dry and has 75 counties. More than half of the counties are still dry.

Within the state of Arkansas, counties are given the option to choose if they want to be a wet or dry community. Though there are several restrictions on this, first being that 38% of county's total pool of registered voters are needed to sign the petition to achieve ballot access. This is much higher than getting other issues on the ballot or to get your name on the ballot for a county office only takes 3 percent of voter's signatures. Another restriction in this legislature is that a subdivision of a county can elect to go dry, but a dry subdivision cannot elect to go wet. It is unclear why legislation is strict on this issue, but some suggest that those in power want to keep the status quo when it comes to alcohol sales.[1]

Sunday sales

Sunday alcohol sales are prohibited by default. A wet county is allowed to used a citizen initiated petition drive to allow Sunday alcohol sales. Valid signatures equal to 15% of votes cast for governor in the previous election are needed to call an election.[2]

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