Arkansas state legislative special elections, 2014

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As of September 2014, one seat has been vacated in the Arkansas State Legislature in 2014. That vacancy has been filled. The following district had a vacancy this year:
  • State Senate District 21: The seat was vacant following Paul Bookout's (D) resignation on August 21, 2013, after he was fined $8,000 by the Arkansas Ethics Commission for spending campaign funds on personal items.

How vacancies are filled

If there is a vacancy in the Arkansas General Assembly, the governor must call for a special election to fill the vacancy. The election must be called by the governor without delay.[1] For all special elections in the Senate, the county that first established the district is responsible for conducting the election.[2] If the special election is to fill a House seat, the County Board of Election Commissioners representing the vacant district conducts the election.[3] All special elections must be held on the second Tuesday of the month, unless the second Tuesday of the month falls on a legal holiday or is in June during an even-numbered year.[4]

Partisan breakdown

Note: These tables are updated any time there is a change in the chamber.

The current partisan breakdown of the Senate is as follows:

Party As of September 2014
     Democratic Party 13
     Republican Party 21
     Vacancy 1
Total 35

The current partisan breakdown of the House is as follows:

Party As of September 2014
     Democratic Party 48
     Republican Party 51
     Green Party 1
Total 100

Special elections

January 14, 2014

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