Article VIII-A, South Carolina Constitution

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South Carolina Constitution
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Article VIII-A of the South Carolina Constitution is entitled Alcoholic Liquors and Beverages and consists of only one section.

Section 1

Text of Section 1:

Powers of General Assembly

In the exercise of the police power the General Assembly has the right to prohibit and to regulate the manufacture, sale, and retail of alcoholic liquors or beverages within the State. The General Assembly may license persons or corporations to manufacture, sell, and retail alcoholic liquors or beverages within the State under the rules and restrictions as it considers proper, including the right to sell alcoholic liquors or beverages in containers of such size as the General Assembly considers appropriate. The General Assembly may prohibit the manufacture, sale, and retail of alcoholic liquors and beverages within the State, and may authorize and empower state, county, and municipal officers, all or either, under the authority and in the name of the State, to buy in any market and retail within the State liquors and beverages in such packages and quantities, under such rules and regulations, as it considers expedient. However, a license must not be granted to sell alcoholic beverages in less quantities than one ounce in licensed retail stores, or to sell them between seven o'clock p.m. and nine o'clock a.m., or to sell them to be drunk on the premises; however, the General Assembly shall not delegate to any municipal corporation the power to issue licenses to sell alcoholic liquors or beverages. However, licenses may be granted to sell and consume alcoholic liquors and beverages on the premises of businesses which engage primarily and substantially in the preparation and serving of meals or furnishing of lodging or on the premises of certain nonprofit organizations with limited membership not open to the general public, during such hours as the General Assembly may provide.

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