As Kasich signs SB5, referendum battle begins

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April 4, 2011

Shannon jones.jpg   John Kasich.jpg
       Shannon Jones       John Kasich   

Jones is the original sponsor of the bill.
Kasich is Governor of Ohio.

By Tyler Millhouse

COLUMBUS, Ohio: As Governor John Kasich signed Senate Bill 5 last Thursday night, plans were already underway to repeal the law at the ballot box. Due to the rules of the Ohio Legislature, a walkout designed to block the bill was impossible.

The controversial bill drew thousands of protesters from around the state. The SB5 referendum is expected to raise millions from unions and businesses opposed to the measure, and proponents of the referendum are already planning an intense television campaign.[1]

However, the referendum must still garner 231,149 signatures to be placed on the fall ballot. In addition, Governor John Kasich (R) has argued that the controversy has not been as polarizing as many assume. He stated, "There are people who are concerned about this bill. I think many of them don't know what's in this bill."[1] Kasich also argued that voters will realize that the bill is designed to bring balance to private and public sector benefits. He stated, "When Ohioans find out that your average private worker pays 23% of their health-care costs and your average city worker pays 9%, that's not about enemy. That's about balance."[1] Kasich also expects the bill to save the state $8 billion dollars and help close the state's budget gap.[2]

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