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Ascension Parish Home Rule Charter Amendments, 27 (May 2010)

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There are 27 proposed Ascension Parish Home Rule Charter Amendments set for the May 1 ballot in Ascension Parish.

Article 3

Amendment 1: Seeks to make it so the salary of the parish president is not less than that of the Parish Sheriff but also not above 15 percent over it.

Amendment 2: Seeks to remove the power of reinstating department heads from the governing authority's ability.

Amendment 3: Seeks to make it so that if a person is appointed to fill a vacancy, that person cannot run for the next election to fill that same spot.

Amendment 4: Seeks to make it so that the president does not have to notify the council of his absence unless he is gone more than 7 days.

Amendment 5: Seeks to allow the president to be gone for 90 days before the position is considered vacant.

Article 4

Amendment 6: Seeks to allow the reapportionment of districts according to new census data, if necessary.

Amendment 7: Seeks to only allow special council meetings if an important public issue has been brought up.

Amendment 8: Seeks to give permission to the parish council to elect and employee employees for helping in the council duties as needed.

Amendment 9: Seeks to allow the advisory board that is appointed by the president accountable to both the president and the governing authority.

Amendment 10: Seeks to give the parish council the authority to enter into inter-governmental agreements with others.

Amendment 11: Seeks to delete paragraph J completely.

Amendment 12: Seeks to allow the parish council to act in the best interest of the people of the parish.

Amendment 13: Seeks to give the chief financial officer the power over parish bond issues.

Amendment 14: Also seeks to make it so that an appointed person for a seat cannot run for the next election for that same seat.

Amendment 15: Seeks to note that unless prohibited by law any vacancy can be filled by an appointed person.

Article 5

Amendment 16: Seeks to add the words parish secretary and chief financial officer to the paragraph.

Amendment 17: Seeks to allow the chief financial officer the ability to have fiscal and budgetary control over any group in the parish.

Amendment 18: Seeks to add parish secretary and chief financial officer to the charter paragraph.

Amendment 19: Seeks to ensure that the parish attorney is licensed in the state of Louisiana.

Article 6

Amendment 20: Seeks to make it so a summary of proposed changes is needed to be read and not the full document.

Amendment 21: Seeks to make it so that is an emergency measure is put forward it must state that it is put there as an emergency measure.

Amendment 22: Seeks to make it so the president only has 10 days to veto a bill otherwise it is adopted.

Amendment 23: Seeks to make it so a person cannot be removed through this article.

Article 7

Amendment 24: Seeks to make it so that an employee is designated as appointed by the council and not as having financial responsibility.

Article 8

Amendment 25: Seeks to change the wording to parish secretary designated in the paragraph.

Amendment 26: Seeks to make it so that the official journal of the parish shall be governed by state laws.

Article 9

Amendment 27: Seeks to make it so that a two-thirds majority is needed from either a petition by the people or the governing authority in order to amend the charter.[1]