Ashtabula City Council recall, Ashtabula, Ohio, 2009

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An effort to recall four Ashtabula City Council members launched a petition drive starting February 2, 2009 in Astabula, Ohio. The petition ultimately did not make the ballot after county officials determined that the city charter did not allow the recall of election officials.[1][2]

The recall campaign was led by a group called Concerned Citizens for Progress. David Bucci was the group's leader. They needed about 900 signatures to force a recall vote. The council members who were targeted for recall were Vice-President Betty Kist, Joseph Rose, Bernie Roskovics and Ericka Severino.[3][4]

Bucci told a local newspaper, "We are a political action committee seeking to bring positive change and progress to the city. If you want your government to change, now is your chance."

Reasons for recall

The group seeking a recall listed as its reasons that the four targeted city council members:

  • "Conducted themselves in office in a manner opposed to the best interests of the citizens of the city by wasting public resources in private political vendettas against numerous elected officials and city employees."
  • "Delayed and obstructed progressive legislation proposed by city leaders."
  • "Opposed hiring of qualified personnel while supporting political cronyism."
  • "Supported attempts to violate Section 29 of the city charter by interfering in the operations of various city departments and have allowed the city government to be virtually paralyzed."
  • "They have acted with complete indifference to the negative consequences of their misconduct upon the people of the city, and they have otherwise conducted themselves in such a fashion as to cause the city of Ashtabula to be held up to ridicule around the state."

Path to the ballot

The group submitted the petition on June 2, 2009 to the Ashtabula County Elections Board for review of petition signatures. The group stated they obtained signatures from the required 15 percent of Ashtabula registered voters. Following submission, the Elections Board determined that the city charter did not allow for the recall of elected officials.[5][2]

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