Aspen City Hotel Tax (November 2010)

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An Aspen City Hotel Tax measure was on the November 2 ballot in Pitkin County for voters in the city of Aspen.

This measure was approved

  • YES 1,824 (62.9%)Approveda
  • NO 1,075 (37.1%)[1]

The measure called for an increase of one percent to the existing hotel tax that the city had in place. The measure was proposed after a similar proposal in 2009 was removed from the ballot following legal concerns. The city projected shortfalls in their budget, most notably in their marketing area, and although they said they were negotiating for a loan, city council members said they were backing this question. The city said the measure, if approved, would reduce the reliance on the ski resort companies for yearly revenue.[2] It was estimated that around $1.5 million would be generated from the increased tax. Money would go towards tourism in the city.

After the issues in the 2009 election, city officials said they were unsure if the vote would get enough support but said they were hopeful.[3] The existing tax in 2010 was one percent. The generated revenue was split between the free bus service offered in the city and marketing for the resorts. If this additional tax was approved, the entire amount would go towards marketing and special events. City officials said they saw this as a way for residents to support the city, while not having to take money out of their own pockets to pay. Since the referral of the measure to the November ballot, officials said they were up to the task of educating residents about the tax and what the effects would be if it were approved or defeated. Local business owners said they saw this increase as a good thing and a way to keep Aspen competitive with other tourist destinations in the area.[4]