Aspen Entrance Question (November 2010)

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An Aspen Entrance Question measure was on the November 2, 2010 ballot in the city of Aspen, which is in Pitkin County.

This measure seeks to end the debate about the entrance to Aspen, a question that has been asked multiple times before in different elections. City officials are hoping that by giving residents different options for the entrance, they will be able to choose one and the council will be able to move forward with the most popular choice.[1]


A previous petition attempt made in 2007 has now been filed in a lawsuit against the county commissioners. The petition was rejected due to the county commissioners stating that it did not conform to the county charter. Petitioners tried again in 2009, but the decision of the clerk held. The lawsuit now states that the petitions felt that their ability to bring forth a referendum was hindered by the home rule charter and want clarification from state laws and their rights to initiative.[2]