Assembly Bill 663, Wisconsin 2010

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Ba   Assembly Bill 663    LegislationbarH2.pngb
Status: Final Status:No.pngf (04/28/2010 Failed in State Affairs and Homeland Security Committee)
(04/28/2010 Failed in State Affairs and Homeland Security Committee)
Sponsor: Representative Marlin Schneider
Introduction date: 01/22/2010
State law: Wisconsin Open Records Law
Bill text: Text of AB 663 as introduced

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Yes.png = Passed,No.png = Failed/Vetoed,
Committee.png = CommitteeWaiting.png = Awaiting Vote

AB 663

Assembly Bill 663, proposed by Representative Marlin Schneider would modify the state's Consolidated Court Automation Program, which currently provides the public with access to all court cases in the state of Wisconsin. The new law would only allow affirmative disclosure of cases in which the individuals being charged were found guilty or assessed a fine or penalty. The bill is intended to protect individuals who have been found innocent from being persecuted for involvement in legal battles.[1]

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