At least four measures proposed in Kansas fail to make ballot

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September 30, 2010

TOPEKA, Kansas: Ballotpedia currently lists at least four proposed Kansas ballot measures as not making the ballot for the November 2010 ballot. Those measures include:

  • A health care amendment that would have exempted residents of Kansas from potential national mandates passed by the United States Congress that required individuals to buy health care or force employers to provide it to their employees.
  • The rainy day fund amendment that would have required the state to put money in the fund when tax revenues increased more than 3 percent from one fiscal year to the next. Up to one percent would have been set aside, according to reports.
  • Another act would have limited government spending increases for consumer prices. Also, if enacted, the proposed constitutional amendment would have placed any excess tax revenues that exceed spending limits in a stabilization fund.
  • A personhood amendment would have asked voters whether or not to “recognize the right to personhood for all human beings from the biological beginning of human development.” Personhood Kansas had begun the process to gather signatures to present to Legislature in an effort to coax them to amend the Kansas Constitution by sending the measure to the voters. However, the measure was not sent to the ballot.

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