Attleboro Town Government Change Referendum (April 2010)

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There was a Attleboro Town Government Change Referendum on the April 6, 2010 ballot in Bristol County for voters in the city of Attleboro.

This measure was approved

  • YES 1,060 (69%)Approveda
  • NO 474 (31%)[1]

This referendum simply asked voters if they want the opportunity to later vote on a change of government, to a mayoral form. This was asked previously in 1998 but the town did not move forward with drafting a proposal for a change of government. Petitioners who initiated this referendum hope that this ballot question will be more binding and will get the town council to move with the proposed potential change of government. The proposed new government would be led by a mayor and not just a town council.[2] The first of three town meetings was held on the issue, helping to inform voters on the choices they would have with the new proposed government and how they would be affected by the change in government. Two more meetings weree held before the April election.[3]