Auburn School Committee recall, Maine (2013)

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An effort to recall the Auburn School Committee in Auburn, Maine was launched in June, 2013. The effort to qualify the recall questions for the ballot was, however, abandoned short of going to a vote.[1][2]


A group of five former Auburn city councilors - led by Ron Potvin and Mike Farrell, and including Bob Mennealy, Dan Herrick and Joe Gray - started the recall effort over frustration with the school system and its spending. They intended the recall effort to be the first phase of a larger effort to reform the school system as a whole.[1][3]

The group specifically sought to recall six of the seven school committee members, including: William Horton (Ward 1), Bonnie Hayes (Ward 2), Tom Kendall (Ward 3), Larry Pelletier (Ward 5), Francois Bussiere (at-large representative), and Laurie Tannenbaum (at-large representative). They excluded committee member Tracey Levesque (Ward 4) because of she was a conservative.[1][3]

However, all seven of the committee seats were up for regular election in November. As a result, the recall supporters stopped their effort in favor of running as candidates for five of the committee seats.[1][3][2]

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To qualify for the ballot, recall supporters would have had to have gathered 2,395 signatures in 90 days.

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