Avon Park City Council recall, Avon Park, Colorado (2011)

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An effort to recall the Avon Park City Council from their positions was launched in March 2011. The recall effort was abandoned in June 2011 due to a lack of signatures.[1] The recall was organized by the Exploratory Recall Committee. According to the group's website, four council members were being considered for recall. Originally, those members were Deputy Mayor Brenda Gray and Councilmen Terry Heston and Paul Miller. However, only three were targeted. According to reports, the recall materialized after accusations that the council planned the firing of City Manager Bruce Behrens.[2]

Reasons for recall

According to the group's website: "The recent termination of now former Avon Park City Manager Bruce Behrens after only six months of employment not only leaves us with serious questions about the validity of the allegations cited in the Resolution that called for his termination - allegations that will likely remain unfounded, but also and of greater concern, the ability of our elected representatives on city council to follow Florida Statutes, the City of Avon Park Charter, its local Code of Ordinances, and at times even their ability to effectively interpret the Employee Personnel Policy that they adopted in September of 2010."[2]

Path to the ballot

The recall effort fell short due to signatures not being submitted on time, according to reports on June 6, 2011. Highlands County elections chief Joe Campbell stated: "They did not have enough signatures; they weren't turned in on time."[1]


In an incident regarding the filing of a report with the Avon Park Police, Jack Agard, a member of the recall committee, stated that he was the victim of alleged intimidation tactics. According to Agard, an encounter took place where Councilmen Terry Heston and Parke Sutherland drove up next to him on each side of Agard's vehicle. According to Agard: "I just kept thinking to myself, 'What does this look like?' This is an attempt to intimidate me or harass me or stop me from my First Amendment rights to petition. I felt threatened; that's why I called the police department." No charges were filed.[3]

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