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October 10, 2009

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Unfortunately for me my time in Maine has come to an end, but for Mainers the 2009 ballot measure campaigns are only beginning to heat up. Although, I covered only 3 of the 7 measures on the ballot this year, I do hope that the interviews and reports prove to be a useful resource. Thanks for following me and Ballotpedia as we made our first attempt to offer some extra insight into Maine politics. As I mentioned in the beginning, most trips - let alone first anythings - usually have a few road bumps on the way. So if you have any questions, comments or suggestions about our Ballotpedia Travel series please email me at BDLudlam@ballotpedia.org.

Make sure to keep up with Maine ballot news and review the individual articles for details about each measure.

Type Title Subject Description Status
VR Question 1 Marriage Attempt to repeal new same-sex law On ballot
CISS Question 2 Taxes Tax reduction for citizens who follow certain energy efficiency requirements On ballot
VR Question 3 Education Repeal the law mandating school district restructuring On ballot
CISS Question 4 Taxes Increases in government spending tied to inflation and population increases On ballot
CISS Question 5 Marijuana De-criminalize marijuana used medically On ballot
LRSS Question 6 Bonds $71 million in bonds On ballot
LRCA Question 7 Elections Increase the amount of time to certify signatures On ballot

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