Baldwin County Sales Tax Increase (March 2010)

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There was a Baldwin County Sales Tax Increase on the March 23 ballot in Baldwin County.

This measure was approved

  • YES 22,424 (59.1%)Approveda
  • NO 15,516 (40.9%)[1]

There was a 1 cent sales tax increase proposed on the ballot for Baldwin county residents. The tax was proposed in order to help with budget shortfalls that were expected this year due to cutbacks in state funding. The money generated from the sales tax increase will go towards the county's schools, for improvements and upgrades that are needed.[2] The education foundation had gone full strength to try to inform voters and obtain a positive outcome in the March election for the schools. The school system was forced to close two school due to the cutbacks, but opponents noted that the crisis could have been lessened if deeper cutbacks were made earlier. This proposed tax will be in place for a further three years.[3] The proposed tax was also estimated to be able to generate around $25 million a year for the school system.[4]

Opponents to the increased tax stated that the school system should be able to better manage their money and blamed mismanagement as the main cause for the layoffs and school closures. State revenues are expected to continue to be decreased so potential layoffs are expected.[5]