Ballot Initiative Report, 2008

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Ballot Report
...your spin-free 2008 ballot initiative, legislative referral,
recall and referenda scorecard

I & R certified for November ballot (61)

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  • This list includes both initiatives and referenda.

Initiated amendments (25)

Initiated statutes (34)

Referenda (2)

Signatures filed, pulled by sponsors (5)

Filed signatures, did not make ballot

Completed 2008 elections (21)

Initiatives (9)

Referenda (4)

Legislative referrals (8)

Signature recovery efforts

Miscellaneous litigation

Post-certification challenges

Automatic referrals on Nov. ballot (3)

Legislative referrals on Nov. ballot (84)

Commission referrals on Nov. ballot (5)

Commission referrals removed from ballot (3)

Initiative process DOA?

No statewide initiatives will be on the 2008 ballot in Idaho, Illinois, Mississippi, Oklahoma, Utah and Wyoming.