Ballot Measure Scorecard, 2016

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The Ballot Measure Scorecard for 2016 filters ballot measures approved for the 2016 ballot by type. It also lists measures whose supporters have submitted signatures but are not yet certified. The Polls and News tabs give you up-to-date information regarding the measures in the months leading up to the elections.

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If a ballot initiative is listed here, that means that the initiative's sponsors have turned in their petition signatures to election authorities, but the initiative has not yet been certified for the ballot.

The time it takes election authorities to scrutinize signatures that have been turned in so they can certify a measure for the ballot varies from state-to-state, averaging about 4-6 weeks.

Signatures filed, certification pending

There are no signatures filed at this time.

Initiated amendments

There are no certified initiated amendments at this time.

Referred amendments

Initiated statutes

There are no certified initiated statutes at this time.

Referred statutes

There are no certified referred statutes at this time.

There are no certified veto referendums at this time.