Ballot Quiz, April 30 (2012)

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1. The death penalty will be the subject of a ballot measure in what state this November?

Yes! Voters will chime in this November on a highly-controversial death penalty proposal.
Better luck next week!

2. Alaska is the only coastal state in the country without a federal coastal management plan, which is the subject of a newly-certified ballot measure.

This is correct! Read more about this measure and other Alaska measures here.

3. What state and political party asked state legislative candidates to sign "loyalty pledges" declaring loyalty to the party's leadership?

South Dakota Tea Party
Kansas Republican Party
Yes, read more about this here.

Kentucky Democratic Party
Ohio Libertarian Party

4. When was the last time a state senator was subject to a recall election?

Andy Dillon, Michigan, 2008
This recall vote took place months after the correct answer, but it involved a state representative, NOT a state senator.
Jeff Denham, California, 2008.
Correct! The recall effort was defeated.
Gary George, Wisconsin, 2003
George ended up being recalled from office.
None of the above
Try again! Here is Ballotpedia's state legislative recall page

5. Under Article V, Section 2 of the Arizona Constitution, the governor must be at least ___ years old, a qualified voter in Arizona, and have been both an American citizen for ___ years and a resident of Arizona for a minimum of ___ years on election day.

32, 5, 2
30, 5, 3
This is the age requirement of a North Dakota gubernatorial candidate, among other states.
35, 10, 2
25, 10, 5
Correct! You can read more about the position of Arizona Governor here.


May 1 marks the petition drive deadline for ballot initiatives in the state of

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