Ballot Quiz, April 4 (2011)

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1. Which state currently has two veto referendum filed for circulation in response to two new collective bargaining laws?

Maryland allows for veto referendum, but this is not the correct answer.
This is the correct answer. Two referendum were filed with the Secretary of State on March 18, 2011, with the possibility of a third coming soon.
Wisconsin does not allow its citizens to file veto referendum.
California is incorrect. Although the state does have a veto referendum process, no such developments are occurring in the state.

2. A sports arena ballot measure has been just recently placed on the statewide ballot in which state?

This is incorrect. However, in 2004, Arlington, Texas voters approved a measure to increase taxes to help fund Cowboys Stadium.
Wrong! But in 2010, voters in the city of Santa Clara voted locally to approve a new stadium for the NFL's San Francisco 49ers.
Kentucky voters haven't even seen a statewide ballot measure since 2004.
This is the correct answer. An initiative will be placed on the 2012 ballot asking voters whether to impose a 0.9 cent sales tax in a taxing district near the proposed arena. The revenue would finance bonds to construct the arena.

3. Missouri, Alabama, Texas and Wyoming are all considering ballot measures that would ban what specific religious law from being used in judicial decisions?

Canon Law
Sharia Law
This is the correct answer. Sharia Law, a religious code for living by those of Islamic faith, was also the subject of an Oklahoma 2010 ballot measure that attempted to block it from being used in rulings.
Bahá'í Laws
Hindu Law

4. There are currently __ certified measures in __ states for the 2011 ballot.

These were the numbers for the 2010 ballot. You are about 176 measures and 32 states off.
This is the correct answer, as of March 21.
This is the count, so far, for 2012.
This is the correct answer...for the 2005 ballot.

5. Which one of these ballot measures is fake?

Denver Extraterrestrial Affairs Commission Creation Referendum
See Denver Extraterrestrial Affairs Commission Creation Referendum (2010)
Massachusetts No Sales Tax for Alcohol Initiative
See Massachusetts No Sales Tax for Alcohol Initiative, Question 1 (2010)
Alaska Nuclear Weapons Freeze Measure
See Alaska Nuclear Weapons Freeze Measure (1986)
New York No Felons for Sheriff Amendment
This is the correct answer. However, there was a measure on the 2010 ballot that dealt with the subject: North Carolina No Convicted Felons for Sheriff Amendment (2010)

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