Ballot Quiz, May 23 (2011)

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1. CURRENT BALLOT MEASURE NEWS: Which Nevada 2012 ballot measure is headed to the State Supreme Court?

Nevada Special Tax District Ban Amendment (2012)
This measure is being proposed as a legislative response to the correct answer, shown below.
Nevada Harrah's Sports Arena Initiative (2012)
Taxpayers for the Protection of Nevada Jobs filed an appeal during the week of May 16.
Nevada Gambling Ban Amendment (2012)
This really wouldn't work in Las Vegas, would it?
Nevada Immigration Reform Initiative (2012)
This is a failed initiative effort for the 2012 ballot. Efforts were dropped due to litigation.

2. CURRENT BALLOT MEASURE NEWS: Texas' legislative session ends soon, and if the state's history with certified ballot questions stays constant, the 2011 ballot measure total may see an increase at that time. What date does session end?

June 8, 2011
Nope! Session in Connecticut will end on this date.
May 30, 2011
Correct! Texas Legislative session will conclude on this date. In 2009, session ended with 11 measures on the ballot.
July 1, 2011
Correct...if the question asked about New Hampshire.
June 6, 2011
This is Nevada's session end date.

3. STATE EXECUTIVE OFFICES: How many Kentucky state executive offices are up for election in 2011?

Correct! See what's on the Bluegrass State's ballot here.
Sorry. This is incorrect. In other news, though, check out the Louisiana 2011 state executive elections page.
Wrong! Check out what's on the ballot concerning 2011 state executive offices.
Here is a map and other information on 2011 SEO elections.

4. WEEKLY MAP QUESTION: The following map shows state ______ controlled by the ______ Party in 2010 (Note: There were more of these legislative chambers in the country controlled by this party, however, these were the states chosen for the quiz.)
State Senate Quiz.png

Senates, Republican
Correct! Check out the full map here
House of Representatives, Democratic
Wrong party, and wrong chamber!
House of Representatives, Republican
Right party, wrong chamber.
Senates, Green
We tricked you with the colors on the map!

5. STATE CONSTITUTIONS: The Vermont Constitution says that amendments can only be proposed once in a four-year period. When is the next time residents can vote on an amendment?

Before 2010, Vermont also had a legislatively-referred constitutional amendment on the ballot in 2002
Incorrect! Check out 2012 ballot measures here.
There are proposed ballot measures for 2013 in other states, though!
Correct! Vermont voters saw a constitutional amendment on the 2010 ballot, therefore leaving 2014 as the next time an amendment can be proposed.


According to Ballotpedia's Poll Page, a new poll on Senate Bill was released. The bill deals with collective bargaining rights in the state of . Controversy surrounding collective bargaining is currently ongoing in the sports world as well, notably the National League.

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