Ballot Quiz, May 2 (2011)

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1. CURRENT BALLOT MEASURE NEWS: Which of the following Rhode Island State Representatives is William San Bento, Jr., sponsor of the proposed 2012 Rhode Island Casino Gambling Amendment ballot measure?

Correct! William San Bento, Jr.'s proposal would ask voters if they want state-operated casino gambling at the Twin River slot venue.
Robert Watson is a Republican member of the Rhode Island House of Representatives, representing District 30.
Scott Guthrie is a Democratic member of the House, representing District 28.
Laurence Ehrhardt is a Republican member of the House, representing District 32.

2. CURRENT BALLOT MEASURE NEWS:Oklahoma sent a measure to the 2012 ballot on April 27, 2011 that would ban affirmative action in the state. What other state had a similar measure on the 2010 general election ballot?

Nope! However, this measure dealt with the issue of civil rights in the state in 2002.
Correct! Proposition 107 asked voters to ban affirmative action programs in the state that were administered by statewide or local units of government.
Rhode Island
Wrong. But Question 1 asked state voters to decide on the state's official name, which some argue deals with historical race issues.
Incorrect! Back in 1913, though, gender played a part in this measure.

3. GOVERNORS:Under Article V, Section 2 of the Arizona Constitution, the governor must be at least ___ years old, a qualified voter in Arizona, and have been both an American citizen for ___ years and a resident of Arizona for a minimum of ___ years on election day.

32, 5, 2
30, 5, 3
This is the age requirement of a North Dakota gubernatorial candidate, among other states.
35, 10, 2
25, 10, 5
Correct! You can read more about the position of Arizona Governor here.

4. WEEKLY MAP QUESTION: On this map, what are the gubernatorial term limits for the light green states, such as Texas?
US Governor Term Limits.svg.png

Two term limits
Those are the dark brown states, like California.
Two term limits, re-eligible after 4 years
Those are the yellow states.
No limit, two year terms
Those are the dark green states like Vermont
No limit
Correct!! Read more about term limits here.

5. STATE LEGISLATURES: Which state has a unicameral state legislature?

Incorrect! See Texas Legislature
Correct! Unicameral means "only one chamber"
Nope! See Washington Legislature
Sorry. See Alaska Legislature.


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