Ballot Quiz, May 30 (2011)

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NOTE: To celebrate Memorial Day, and to remember those who have perished while serving their country, this week's quiz contains questions dealing with veterans and other military affairs. Have a happy Memorial Day from Ballotpedia!

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1. BALLOT MEASURES: A Virginia measure in 2010 dealt with what kind of tax exemption for veterans?

Sales tax
Income tax
Property tax
Correct! This is the measure that appeared on the general election ballot that year.
All of the above
Sorry again!

2. BALLOT MEASURES: Which state had a measure in 1948 dealing with the bonuses for veterans of World War II?

Nope! But a measure in Maine was found on the 1946 ballot dealt with this subject.
Correct! This measure passed, but was later found unconstitutional by the Washington Supreme Court.
Incorrect! But check out this 2009 Texas ballot measure, dealing with veterans' hospitals.
Nope! This measure made it onto the Ohio ballot in 1973 though, where it passed.

3. STATE LEGISLATURES: Louisiana Representative J. Rogers Pope proposed a 2010 measure that did the following: allowed local parishes the authority to hold elections concerning further allowing the first $150,000 value of a home occupied by disabled veterans to remain tax-free. Which picture below is of J. Rogers Pope?

Joel Robideaux.jpg
Nope. Joel Robideaux is the House Majority leader, however.
Jim Tucker.jpg
Sorry! Jim Tucker is the Speaker of the House.
J. Rogers Pope.jpg
Yes! J. Rogers Pope introduced this measure, which passed.
John Anders.jpg
Incorrect! This is John Anders.

4. GOVERNORS: Georgia's current governor served in the U.S. Army, retiring in 1968 as a Captain. Who is this?

Rick Perry
Rick Perry is the governor of Texas. He retired in 1977 as a captain in the U.S. Air Force.
Nathan Deal
Yes! Nathan Deal is the correct answer.
Rick Scott
Rick Scott is the governor of Florida. He did serve in the U.S. Navy, though!
Steve Beshear
Beshear, current Governor of Kentucky, served in the United States Army Reserve (1969-1975).

5. STATE FLAGS: To test your knowledge of the state flags of the United States, which state flag has the words, "Battle Born" written on it?

Good job! Click here to see the flag's words
New Mexico
New Mexico

6. BONUS! (Hint: The answer will be spelled out. Ex: five, ten, twelve)

A total of veteran-related 2010 ballot measures appeared in a total of states. was the state that had two of those measures.

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