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Ballot Quiz, September 9 (2013)

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1. The resolution to allow restricted U.S. involvement in Syria was approved by the Committee on Foreign Relations and sent on to the full Senate by a vote of_______.

11 to 7
DefeateddNope. Close though.
10 to 7 with one neutral vote
ApprovedaCorrect! The resolution would set a 60-day limit on any engagement in Syria, with a possible 30-day extension, and bans the use of U.S. troops on the ground for combat operations. Read more about the U.S. involvement in Syria here
12 to 4 with two neutral votes
DefeateddTry again!
14 to 4
DefeateddWrong! Not off to a good start.

2. How many incumbents were defeated in the 2012 congressional election?

DefeateddFalse... but close.
ApprovedaCorrect. Read about this election here.

3. How many gubernatorial elections were held during the November election in 2010?

ApprovedaYes! Read about it on this page.
DefeateddToo high.

4. An initiative requiring _____ will be on the November 5, 2013, ballot in _____.

labeling of genetically modified foods, Washington
ApprovedaCorrect! Read about the initiative here
increased screening of prospective firearms buyers, Maryland
a special license for purchasing marijuana, California
DefeateddNope. There are no statewide measures for California in the November, 2013 election.
the legal recognition of gay marriage, Delaware
DefeateddNo. You are clearly guessing.

5. According to a new method for the calculation of pension liabilities implemented by Moody's, California's local and state governments are looking at ____ in unfunded public pension liabilities.

$450.4 million
DefeateddSorry! That's way too low.
$553.8 billion
DefeateddToo much!
$328.6 billion
ApprovedaCorrect! Read about this and more in the State Check-up edition of the Pension Hotspots report
$128.3 billion
DefeateddSorry! This is the official estimate using old calculation methods.


A ballot question partially banning smoking and increasing tobacco taxes in Arizona in was approved by percent of the voters.

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