Ballot measure information on California county websites for June 8, 2010 election

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Overall analysis
California county election websites vary in the extent of information they make available to the public about local ballot measures.

This page reflects the results of a survey/study of which California county websites provided information about local ballot measures on the June 8, 2010 ballot, and when they provided it. In California, local ballot measure elections for cities, counties, school districts and special districts such as library and park districts, are administered by county election officials.

Notes on survey:

June 8, 2010 election in California

This study was conducted by me, Polycal, a writer on Ballotpedia. On June 2, with less than a week to go before the June 8 election, I was aware that there were local ballot measure elections in 28 counties, but I was only able to discover local ballot measure listings on 18 county websites.

The nine counties where I knew that there were local ballot measure elections on June 8, but where the county website did not provide information about those local ballot measure elections were: Amador, Humboldt, Kern (sample ballot look-up only), Mendocino, Riverside, San Bernardino, Santa Barbara, Solano and Sonoma.

See also: Notes on study methodology

Post-election update: After the election, I identified 3 additional counties (Inyo, Kings and Modoc) where local ballot measure elections took place on June 8 that did not provide any information at all on their websites prior to the election about these local ballot measures. All-in-all, 31 counties administered local ballot measure elections on June 8, but only 18 of those counties (58%) provided pre-election information on their websites.


NL = No information provided. This could mean that there are measures, and no information is given about them, or it could mean that there are no measures.
SB = A sample ballot look-up feature is offered for municipalities within the county, but there is no one list available of all local ballot measures. Presumably, when a voter in a specific municipality looks up his or her sample ballot, the sample ballot would display any local ballot measures relevant to that voter.
Approveda = Information available about ballot measures on the June 8, 2010 ballot.
Defeatedd = The website proactively informs readers that there are no measures on the June 8 ballot.

The Defeatedd and Approveda symbols indicate websites that provide clearcut information one way or the other.


Ballotpedia:WikiProject Original Content
County Election website April 23 May 17 June 1
Alameda Website Approveda Approveda Approveda
Alpine Website NL NL NL

Amador Website NL NL NL

Butte Website Defeatedd Defeatedd Defeatedd
Calaveras Website NL NL NL

Colusa Website NL NL NL

Contra Costa Website Approveda Approveda Approveda
Del Norte Website NL NL NL

El Dorado Website NL NL Sample ballot look-up
Fresno Website NL NL Approveda
Glenn Website NL NL NL

Humboldt Website NL NL NL

Imperial Website NL NL NL

Inyo Website NL NL NL

Kern Website Sample ballot look-up SB SB
Kings Website NL NL NL

Lake Website NL NL NL

Lassen Website NL NL NL

Los Angeles-San Mateo

County Election website April 23 May 17 June 1
Los Angeles Website Approveda Approveda Approveda
Madera Website NL NL NL

Marin Website Approveda Approveda Approveda
Mariposa Website NL NL NL

Mendocino Website NL NL NL

Merced Website NL NL NL

Modoc Website NL NL NL

Mono Website Approveda Approveda Approveda
Monterey Website Approveda Approveda Approveda
Napa Website NL NL NL

Nevada Website NL NL NL

Orange Website Approveda Approveda Approveda
Placer Website NL NL NL

Plumas Website NL NL NL

Riverside Website NL Eastvale (limited) NL

Sacramento Website Approveda Approveda Approveda
San Benito Website NL NL NL

San Bernardino Website NL NL NL

San Diego Website Approveda Approveda Approveda
San Francisco Website Approveda Approveda Approveda
San Joaquin Website Approveda Approveda Approveda
San Luis Obispo Website NL Approveda Approveda
San Mateo Website Approveda Approveda Approveda

Santa Barbara-Yuba

County Election website April 23 May 17 June 1
Santa Barbara Website NL NL NL

Santa Clara Website Approveda Approveda Approveda
Santa Cruz Website NL SB SB
Shasta Website NL NL NL

Sierra Website NL NL NL

Siskiyou Website (dead link) NL NL NL

Solano Website NL NL NL

Sonoma Website NL NL NL

Stanislaus Website NL NL NL

Sutter Website NL NL NL

Tehama Website NL NL NL

Trinity Website NL NL NL

Tulare Website Approveda Approveda Approveda
Tuolumne Website Approveda (June 15 measure) Approveda (June 15 measure) Approveda
Ventura Website NL Defeatedd Defeatedd
Yolo Website NL Approveda Approveda
Yuba Website NL NL NL

Aggregate statistics

Date # of websites with information # of websites with SB look-up only Counties known to have local measures
April 23 15 25
May 17 19 25
June 1 20 3 27

As of June 1, I (Polycal) have been able to discern that there are local ballot measure elections in at least 27 counties. However, only 18 counties list local ballot measure information on their websites, while 2 additional websites proactively assert that they have no local ballot measures on their June 8 ballot. 3 additional websites provide a sample ballot look-up feature.

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