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November 2, 2012

By Ballotpedia's Congressional team

Montana's Congressional Elections in 2012
U.S. Senate Election? U.S. House seats Possible competitive races?
Yes 1 1 (Senate)

HELENA: Montana: Montana has one at-large U.S. House seat and one U.S. Senate seat on the ballot in 2012. The U.S. House incumbent, Denny Rehberg (R), is running for U.S. Senate against Democratic incumbent Jon Tester. This leaves an open U.S. House seat, with three candidates competing.

Currently, the Republican Party holds the Congressional seat and the Democratic Party holds both U.S. Senate seats -- one of which is up for election on November 6th.

In Montana, polling place hours throughout the state vary. Polling places open between 7:00 am and 12:00 pm and close at 8:00 pm. Contact your local elections official for exact times.[1]

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U.S. Senate

Incumbent Jon Tester (D) was first elected in 2006, and in the 2012 race challenger Denny Rehberg regularly attacks Tester for his voting record and cooperation with and support for President Barack Obama (D) over the course of his term. Tester and Rehberg are in a close and bitter competition for the seat, and the attacks have gone both ways: Tester, in turn, criticizes Rehberg's personal record and history in Montana politics.[2]

The two candidates are close in recent polls. The Cook Political Report and the New York Times both rate this race a toss-up.[3][4]

State General Election Candidates Incumbent 2012 Winner Partisan Switch?
Montana Class 1 Senate seat

Democratic Party Jon Tester
Republican Party Denny Rehberg

Libertarian Party Dan Cox
Jon Tester Pending Pending

U.S. House

Kim Gillan(D) and Steve Daines(R) compete for Montana's open U.S. House seat. After a fairly calm race, the candidates began to clash in debates leading up the election.[5] Despite these final attempts to define themselves and each other for the voters of Montana, polls have consistently shown Daines with a modest lead. This race is rated "likely Republican" by both the Cook Political Report and the New York Times.[6][7]

Here is a complete list of U.S. House candidates appearing on the general election ballot in Montana:


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District General Election Candidates Incumbent 2012 Winner Partisan Switch?
At-large Democratic Party Kim Gillan
Republican Party Steve Daines
Libertarian Party David Kaiser
Denny Rehberg Pending Pending
Members of the U.S. House from Maine -- Partisan Breakdown
Party As of November 2012 After the 2012 Election
     Democratic Party 2 2
     Republican Party 0 0
Total 2 2

Montana has one at-large district.
For more information, view Redistricting in Montana.

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