Ballotpedia's 2014 municipal (mayoral and city council) election coverage plan

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Welcome to Ballotpedia’s one-stop source for information about the 2014 municipal government elections. On this page you can find comprehensive, unbiased coverage of candidates and elections, including links to every state’s specific election page on Ballotpedia.

If you have any questions about municipal government officials please contact Joel Williams.

Our coverage

We will be covering mayoral and city council elections in the 100 largest cities in the United States based on population.

Municipal election dates vary throughout the year. There are elections of some kind in nearly every month throughout 2014 -- not just in November. We will be updating our profiles as these events transpire.

Our candidate pages

There are two types of candidates: current officials who are running for office and new candidates who do not currently hold an office we cover on Ballotpedia. For all candidates we strive to provide you, our reader, with the following information:

  • Clear biographical information, including education
  • Whom the candidate is running against and when the elections will be held
  • Links to campaign websites, Facebook candidate pages, and Twitter accounts (where available)
  • Election results

Signature filing deadlines

Each city sets the deadline for when candidates must declare for election. Once the filing deadline passes, the city will verify candidates and issue an official list of candidates document. The timing of a document like this varies for each city. Some cities will immediately release a document that is an unofficial list of candidates -- meaning it could contain some candidates who ultimately may either withdraw or be disqualified prior to the primary. In these situations, Ballotpedia staff will be adding links to these lists and adding names of candidates to election pages within 1-2 weeks of the list being released. Profiles will then be built of the candidates.

However, in other situations, cities do not release any compiled list of candidates until weeks or even months have elapsed past the deadline. In these situations, Ballotpedia staff will work to build as many candidate profiles as possible, based on news reports and direct contact with candidates. We will also rely on reader emails to let us know about candidates that might have been missed.

Primary elections

As each primary takes place, Ballotpedia staff will be indicating the winners and losers within 24-48 hours of the primary. Candidates who defeat an opponent in a primary will then have an election box added to their profile once official election returns are available. Following the primary, the elections page will be updated to indicate which candidates will appear in the general election.

Municipal elections can vary from regular state elections. Two of those ways are:

  • In some cities, candidates who win the primary with a certain percentage of the vote (usually 50 percent or more) will negate the need for a general election.
  • Some cities will eliminate the primary completely if two or fewer candidates file for an election. In these cases, we will note that no primary took place.

General election

On each election night, Ballotpedia staff will be updating election pages with check marks to indicate the winner of each race.