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May 25, 2010

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By Bailey Ludlam

Ballotpedia's Tuesday Count remains unchanged for the second consecutive week with 118 ballot measures in 34 statewide ballots for the 2010 election year. Despite no change, initiatives in Arizona, California, Missouri and Oregon remain pending petition signature verification. Approximately thirteen initiatives have submitted signatures.

Last week the proponents of the Oregon medical marijuana dispensary initiative announced they had exceeded the minimum 82,769 signature requirement by an estimated 29,000 signatures. However, they said they plan to continue circulating petitions until the July 2 petition drive deadline. The proposed initiative would create a system where farmers can become licensed by the State of Oregon to grow and distribute marijuana crops to medical marijuana dispensaries in the state. Specifically the initiative would allow the establishment of privately owned, non-profit dispensaries. All dispensaries and growers would be subject to state regulations.

Tomorrow Michigan's first petition drive deadline comes to an end. Unlike most states, Michigan has two petition drive deadlines, one for initiated state statutes and one for initiated constitutional amendments. Of the six proposed initiatives, two must submit a minimum of 304,000 valid signatures tomorrow. Constitutional amendments must submit signatures by July 5.

Last week voters in Arizona and Oregon tackled two slightly different issues. According to unofficial results Arizona voters approved a temporary sales tax increase from 5.6 cents to 6.6 cents on every dollar of taxable items purchased. Oregonians overwhelmingly approved two education-related bond measures.

Next week Alabama voters will cast their ballots in the state's primary statewide election. Only one statewide measure is scheduled to appear on the ballot - the Alabama Propane Gas Promotion Programs Amendment. The amendment asks voters whether they want to allow propane dealers to vote on collecting 1/10th of a cent fee on each gallon sold in the state. Stay tuned for updates!

Upcoming elections
May 25:
1 local California election
2 local Idaho elections
June 1:
Alabama statewide election (1 measure)
4 local Alabama elections
2 local Wisconsin elections

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