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March 30, 2010


By Bailey Ludlam

Ballot measures are adding up and adding up fast for the 2010 ballot. According to Ballotpedia's Tuesday Count a grand total of 90 measures in 31 states are certified for the ballot. In the past month, approximately 19 measures were certified, in comparison to only one in February (factoring for measures that were removed).

This week legislatures in Alabama and Nebraska each referred one measure to the ballot. Four measures pending signature verification were verified and certified for the 2010 ballot in four states: California Marijuana Legalization Initiative; Colorado Fetal Personhood which will appear on the ballot as Amendment 62; Ohio Slot Machines Veto Referendum; and the Alaska Parental Notification Initiative. All recently certified measures will appear on the November 2 general election ballot, with the exception of the Alaska Parental Notification Initiative which is scheduled to appear on the August 24 ballot.

Even as certified measures continue to climb, petition drive deadlines are quickly approaching. Although initiative language can be submitted at any time in South Dakota, the signature deadline for initiated state statutes is April 6. The initiated constitutional amendments deadline has already come and gone. Closely following South Dakota is Utah, whose signature deadline is April 15.

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