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March 2, 2010

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By Bailey Ludlam

Slowly but surely, ballot measures are making it to the ballot for the 2010 elections. This week Ballotpedia's Tuesday Count inches up to a total of 70 certified ballot measures in 27 states. And as the Tuesday Count rises, so does the number of filed initiatives for 2010. On March 1st, an estimated 452 initiatives have been filed in states with initiative or referendum, compared to an estimated 433 on February 1st.

Maine's Oxford Casino Initiative hasn't been certified just yet, but has qualified for the ballot. According to Secretary of State Matt Dunlap a total of 79,731 signatures were found to be valid, exceeding the 55,087 required signatures. However, before it can be certified the measure must first be referred to the legislature. Should the legislature not take action or reject the bill, the measure will then appear on the ballot.

According to the Ballot Measure Scorecard five measures are currently pending signature verification. South Dakota Medical Marijuana Act supporters filed about 32,000 signatures last week; 16,776 valid signatures are needed to qualify. The Alaska Parental Notification Initiative remains pending but is now facing a legal challenge. Jeff Feldman, attorney for Planned Parenthood of Alaska, filed a lawsuit citing that the lieutenant governor should not have approved the initiative. Also, facing legal issues is the proposed Ohio Slot Machines Veto Referendum., supporters of the measure are facing a campaign fund investigation by the secretary of state. Today the Ohio Supreme Court granted’s request to halt the investigation until justices determine if the secretary of state has proper authority.

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