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January 11, 2011

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By Bailey Ludlam

Ballotpedia's Tuesday Count remains rock solid for the fifth consecutive week. A total of four measures are certified to appear on 2011 ballots in two states - Mississippi and New Jersey.

Despite the lack of certifications, proposals continue to roll in to both state legislatures and secretary of state offices. As of January 1 an estimated 28 citizen proposed initiatives have been filed for consideration. In state legislatures, an estimated 11 proposals remain pending for ballots in 2011.

In California Gov-elect Jerry Brown has begun hinting to the press and voters in California that he may ask the California State Legislature to refer a tax hike ballot proposition to a statewide ballot in 2011. If a Tax Hike Proposition goes on a statewide ballot in California in 2011, the most likely month for the election is said to be June 2011. California's state budget faces an estimated $28 billion budget deficit.

Despite continuing budget and fiscal issues and unlike recent elections, 2011 and 2012 proposals appear to center around social issues. Currently certified measures for 2011 include topics such as elections, abortion, eminent domain and gambling. Thus far, 2012 is proving to be no different. Abortion, immigration, marijuana and health care are only a few of the proposed issues for the upcoming 2012 ballot.

More than 50 measures have already been proposed for the even-numbered election year. In the last week, the Missouri Secretary of State approved a series of initiatives about early voting and election procedures for petition circulation. All three initiatives were filed by Matt Cologna of Springfield, Missouri. One of the initiatives calls for allowing voters to cast ballots in person prior to federal general elections without the absentee ballot excuse requirement. The other two proposals however, call for allowing for early voting on general federal elections and would amend procedures relating to voter identification affidavits, voting address updates, and provisional ballots. Petition signatures to qualify the measures are due by May 6, 2011.

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SPOTLIGHT:Local measures scored more than a 70% approval rating in 2010

A total of 184 questions appeared before voters on statewide ballots in 2010 but more than 1,000 were voted on at the local level. Michigan had the largest amount of ballot measures this year, 414 total, with an approval rating of 76%. Florida was second with 215 measures and an 82 percent approval. Local measures in the state of Illinois faired a drastically different outcome. They had more measures defeated than approved, they had 102 total measures with an approval rating of just 43 percent.

County wide measures tracked by Ballotpedia saw a wide margin in approval ratings. County property taxes had an 80.3% approval, while county bond measures and county sales tax measures had a 50% and 46% approval rating. On the other hand, social and tax issues ranked in the "top five" for city measures. Charter amendments received a 79.8% approval rating, while district property tax measures ranked second with 76.6% approval. In third and fourth were election and voting related measures with 74.3% and marijuana with 60%. Lastly, property tax received an overall 72.4% approval rating.

It should be noted that statistics only reflect those measures which were reported on Ballotpedia, not every issue made it on the election pages. States were selected for their relative ease of access to election information.

For more interesting results, check out Local ballot measure statistics, 2010.

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