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June 22, 2010

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By Bailey Ludlam

The end of the 2010 initiative season is quickly coming to a close; petition drive deadlines and legislative sessions are ending. This week Ballotpedia's Tuesday Count saw one ballot measure certification - a constitutional amendment for a Ban on Felonious Politicians in Michigan. However, despite there being only one certification this week the count has risen to a grand total of 135 statewide ballot measures. The spike comes as a result of eight retroactively added measures in four states - Utah, Georgia, Colorado and Maryland.

On Thursday, June 17, the Michigan House voted 91-13 in favor of referring the proposed Ban on Felonious Politicians to the [[Michigan 2010 ballot measures|November 2, 2010 statewide ballot. The Senate previously voted unanimously (35-0). If approved by voters the measure would bar any officeholder convicted of a felony involving deceit and fraud from holding public office for 20 years. The qualification of the legislatively-referred constitutional amendment increases the state's certified measures for the ballot to two. Proposal 1 will ask voters if they are in favor of holding a constitutional convention to amend the state's constitution.

In Louisiana the legislative session officially came to an end this week. State ballot measure law dictates that legislatively-referred constitutional amendment are the only form in which measures can appear on the ballot, therefore voters can expect only six measures on the ballot this year. Three measures relate to taxes while three relate to the administration of government.

Other deadlines have also passed in both Montana and Nevada. In Montana all 10 circulating initiatives submitted signatures on the final day to deliver petition signatures to county clerks across the state. According to the Montana Secretary of State's office, eleven initiatives had been approved for circulation out of 26 total proposals that had been submitted by hopeful sponsors, with one circulating initiative withdrawing their signature gathering efforts.

Nevada, who's petition drive deadline ended days earlier, experienced a wildly different scenario - no initiative sponsor filed signatures. Eleven initiatives sponsored by citizens were put forward at one time or another as possible candidates for Nevada's 2010 ballot, but none of them submitted signatures by either of Nevada's two petition drive deadlines for the 2010 ballot. The signature filing deadline for initiated state statutes was thirty (30) days prior to the start of the 2010 state legislative session. The Nevada State Legislature, on the other hand, has referred four measures to the fall ballot.

Local ballot measure election news:
Approveda On June 21 Fremont City voters in Nebraska approved the Fremont City Illegal Immigration Ordinance (June 2010) by 57%.
Today's elections:
* One local California election in Alameda County
* One local Utah election in Salt Lake County

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