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February 9, 2010

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By Bailey Ludlam

69 ballot measures are on the ballot in 27 states as of Ballotpedia's Tuesday Count for February 9, but it's not the same 69 ballot measures that were on the ballot as of the February 2 Tuesday Count. Two measures were approved for the ballot this week, including Ohio's Third Frontier Bond Renewal and Arizona's hotly-debated Sales Tax Increase. At the same time, however, two legislatively-referred constitutional amendments were removed from the ballot on February 4th in the state of Nebraska - a senator salary increase measure and a enterprise revenue bond question.

In the last week, petition deadlines in three states - Maine, Florida and Wyoming - have passed. Wyoming marks the fifth state to close its doors for the 2010 ballot. However, unlike other initiative and referendum states, Wyoming had absolutely no filed initiatives. Signatures continue to be counted in Florida and Maine.

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