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Ballotpedia:Blocking policy

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Blocking is the method by which administrators may technically prevent users from editing Ballotpedia. Blocks are used to prevent damage or disruption to Ballotpedia.

Purpose and goal

All blocks ultimately exist to protect the project from harm, and reduce likely future problems. When lesser measures are inadequate, or problematic conduct persists, appropriate use of a block can help achieve this in four important ways:

  • Preventing imminent or continuing damage and disruption.
  • Deterring the continuation of disruptive behavior by making it more difficult to edit.
  • Encouraging a rapid understanding that the present behavior cannot continue and will not be tolerated.
  • Encouraging a more productive, congenial editing style within community norms.

When blocking may be used

The following are the most common situations when blocking may be used. This is not an exhaustive list; blocking may be used in other situations, particularly situations addressed by more specific policies dealing with particular issues.


A user may be blocked when necessary to protect the rights, property or safety of the Lucy Burns Institute, its users or the public. A block for protection may be necessary in response to:

  • persistently making personal attacks;
  • performing actions that place users in danger;
  • disclosing personal information (whether or not the information is accurate);
  • persistently violating copyrights;
  • persistently plagiarizing material;
  • persistently posting material contrary to the biographies of living persons policy;
  • accounts that appear to have been compromised, as an emergency measure.


A user may be blocked when his or her conduct severely disrupts the project; that is, when his or her conduct is inconsistent with a civil, collegial atmosphere and interferes with the process of editors working together harmoniously to create an encyclopedia. A block for disruption may be necessary in response to:

Conflict of interest

An editor who is determined to have a conflict of interest may be banned.

Enforcing bans

A Ballotpedia ban is a formal revocation of editing privileges on all or part of Ballotpedia. A ban may be temporary and of fixed duration, or indefinite and potentially permanent.

Blocks may be implemented as a technical measure to enforce a ban. Such blocks are based around the particulars of the ban in question. Bans which revoke editing privileges to all of Ballotpedia—that is, they are not "partial"—may be backed up by a block, which is usually set to apply for the period which the ban itself applies.

How to block

See Help:Blocking users

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