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Bloggers using Ballotpedia

  • Country Cat says, "...found this great site, Ballotpedia".[1]
  • Digital Politics says, "If you have a question about a proposal or ballot measure, it’s easy to find out more, using ballotpedia."[2]
  • Sane Political Discourse says, "...details everything I'm going to skewer."[3]
  • Going Crazy in a College Town says, "I HATE politics....So, I was filling out my ballot today and looking up measures before I vote on them when I stumbled upon something called Ballotpedia which was pretty useful."[4]
  • MWright says, "The new and invaluable Ballotpedia has built a comprehensive article about all the 2008 ballot initiatives."[5]
  • The Tax Foundation Blog says, "For even more information on these initiatives, you can go to one of my favorite websites: Ballotpedia!"[6]
  • 3 Girls Mom says initiatives are for "when your state government won't listen to you" and refers readers to Ballotpedia.[7]
  • Cara on Command says, "Confused about all the state initiatives on your ballot? Check out Ballotpedia."[8]
  • Brian Cantoni says, "Ballotpedia has a detailed proposition list that includes the cost of signatures."[9]
  • Governing says, "For a comprehensive listing of ballot measures, I recommend NCSL's database or Ballotpedia."[10]
  • Shamrag says, "You can pick your nose, and you can pick your friends...But you can't tell people how to vote. You can however send them over to Ballotpedia to help them figure out how they'll vote. The three (Massachusetts) ballot questions are explained in a way that is easy to understand, with the arguments for and against each."[11]
  • Chillin' in Cup-town says, "I also found a cool new website called Ballotpedia with lots of information for anyone who hasn't voted yet."[12]
  • Seeking out the wise, the good and the honest says, "The two main sources I am using to decide are the pamphlet the AZ Secretary of State publishes and Arizona 2008 ballot measures at ballotpedia.[14]
  • Glass City Jungle says, "Another nice site to visit is Ballotpedia".[15]
  • Tim Lennox speaking of Alabama Amendment 1 says Ballotpedia is "...a pretty good website that gives the pros and cons. It's called and it may help explain the complex changes being proposed."[16]
  • I've Got News For You says, "I encourage everyone to visit this site and review the links, read articles and figure out your position. Vote smart in '08!"[17]
  • Dialectic Dissemination says, "Ballotpedia is a great site that gives an explanation and gives info about supporters and those in opposition."[18]
  • Keegan is a Fish says, "BEFORE YOU VOTE you might find this useful."[19]
  • Dave Love says, " is a great source of information on the CA ballot measures. I just used it to research my votes for a mail-in ballot."[22]
  • The Rich Life says, "Confused about the 2008 ballot measures in AZ, here's some help".[23]
  • Tech President says, "There are resources online that can help make sense of [ballot propositions]."[24]
  • Rambling Dogs says "...a good site if you want to read about the propositions and such on the ballot."[25]
  • Revise & Consent says, "know what's on your state's November 2008 ballot".[26]
  • Dishesbite says, "What a great resource."[27]
  • Peter Wall says, "People are already running television advertisements to dupe you with their thirty-second over-simplifications. Fortunately, has information about all of the ballot measures."[29]
  • Vogue Republic says, "From didn't even know it was possible to make a proposition that could be opposed by Republicans, Democrats, Libertarians, the Green Party, and Log Cabin Republicans."[31]
  • Rossputin says, "I'd like to direct your attention to a very informative new web site, Ballotpedia".[32]
  • Clark Blog says, " the voter's pamphlet hands down...Excellent resource we will certainly be using again."[34]
  • The Marin Maven comments on all the California 2008 ballot measures, referring her readers to Ballotpedia for the in-depth scoop.[35]
  • R.G. Combs says, "If you're at all a political junkie, you've got to bookmark Ballotpedia."[36]
  • Kevin Stilley says, "Whatever your political stripe Ballotpedia is a great resource."[37]
  • Tiggerbone says, "If you would like to know about the issues, I would go to Ballotpedia.[38]
  • The Colorado Index says, "With the possibility of fifteen statewide ballot issues, this November’s ballot will be quite confusing. Ballotpedia could be a great starting point for a voter who wants to become informed on these issues."[39]
  • Maggie Thurber of Ohio says she "highly recommends Ballotpedia's balanced descriptions".[41]
  • Steve Sibson, a state-focused blogger in South Dakota says Ballotpedia is a "...very valuable resource for bloggers and media who want to cover the various ballot issues in the months to come."[42]
  • The Foothill Cities blog in southern California advises its readers to "check out Ballotpedia for a good roundup of all the California election hooie."[43]
  • Fort Hard Knox says, "Ballotpedia is a wiki that is an excellent resource for bloggers in states which have initiative or referendum rights for citizens."[44]



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