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Dear :

I have noticed that you are reproducing a Ballotpedia article I substantially contributed to on your website. Your URL (include the link) includes material from the Balotpedia article "Name of Article", which is located at [provide the URL of the relevant Ballotpedia article].

In order for you to comply with our licensing terms of reuse, you must:

  • Provide attribution.

If you use text from Ballotpedia elsewhere, you must acknowledge the authors of the Ballotpedia article. This is known as the "GFDL attribution requirement."In most cases, a live link or what is sometimes called "a conspicuous direct link" from the article on your website back to the article on Ballotpedia from which you are copying content satisfies the GFDL attribution requirement.

  • Provide a licensing notice.

You must make your copied version available on the same terms to others. This means that if you copy text from Ballotpedia elsewhere, you must allow others to copy that content from your website on the same terms under which you copied the content from Ballotpedia. As part of this requirement, you must include a licensing notice that allows users of your publication to understand the terms under which they may re-use the text.

  • Indicate changes.

If you make additions or modifications to the text you copy from Ballotpedia, you must indicate in a reasonable fashion that the original work has been modified.

Failure to comply with these provisions is a copyright violation. Most of Ballotpedia's content, including the text you are using, is licensed under the GFDL license (unversioned, with no invariant sections, front-cover texts, or back-cover texts). The text of this license can be found at

If you wish to license the material under GFDL, at the bottom of every page that uses Ballotpedia material, you can include text similar to, "This page is based on the copyrighted Ballotpedia article (put article name here); it is used under the terms of the GNU Free Documentation License." You should link the text "GNU Free Documentation License" to a copy of the text of the GFDL on your own server. Also, we strongly recommend that you link back to the original Ballotpedia article.

Thank you for your cooperation.