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Geoff Pallay
Geoff Pallay is Director of Strategic Projects and Associate Chief Content Officer for the Lucy Burns Institute. This role includes engaging with external groups for possible partnerships.

In October 2011, Pallay launched a new project covering members of Congress, with a particular focus on elections and candidates. In September 2012, Pallay took over as project director for the team covering state executive officials. He additionally led the state legislative team as project director from July 2010-September 2012. In that role he helped launch the Competitiveness Index for legislative elections.

In early 2011 he led Ballotpedia's coverage of the 2010 Census Redistricting process, which featured pages on the re-mapping process in all 50 states. He oversaw the weekly production of the Redistricting Roundup from January 2011-March 2012. During the heated recall summer of 2011, Pallay led Ballotpedia's daily coverage of the Wisconsin State Senators recalls. In 2014, Pallay oversaw the Research Department, including the creation of pages about ballot access for political candidate in the 50 states.

Prior to joining Ballotpedia in June 2010, Pallay was a policy analyst for the South Carolina Policy Council, where he covered a number of issues including the state budget.

Originally from New Jersey, Pallay spent eight years in the south, studying Journalism and History at Emory University before earning a Masters in Public Administration at the College of Charleston.

Pallay lives in Charleston, South Carolina with his wife, Megan and dog, Liberty.

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