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All image description pages should include information about the license and the source of the image.

Some, but not all, images uploaded to Ballotpedia are public domain images or are available for re-use elsewhere under a license such as the GFDL license.

One reasons it is important that users note on image upload pages what the exact copyright or re-use or licensing status is of any image is that it lets others know what they can and can't do with a particular image they have seen on Ballotpedia.


  • For an image to be considered "free" under Ballotpedia's image use policy, the license must permit both commercial reuse and derivative works.
  • We prefer that images used on Ballotpedia be "free" images. But, where no free image exists, it is sometimes permissible to use a non-free (copyright-protected) image under the "fair use" provision. Fair use, in the United States, is the legal right to use copyright-protected materials under certain conditions. These conditions should be interpreted conservatively.

Image copyright tags

  • Ballotpedia provides image copyright tags. One or more of these should be used when you upload an image.
  • Along with a tag, specify source and copyright holder information in as much detail as possible.
  • If an image is not licensed under a standard license, please specify what the actual license states.
  • If you tag an image as requiring attribution, please specify who needs to be attributed.
  • If multiple categories apply to an image, add all that apply.