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Neutral point of view, or NPOV, is a fundamental editing principle in an encyclopedia like Ballotpedia. It means that all Ballotpedia articles must be written from a neutral point of view (NPOV), representing all significant views about the subject or topics explored in the article without bias. This is expected of all articles, and it is expected that all contributors and article editors will approach their editing and contributing with this perspective firmly in mind.

When POV (point-of-view) issues are raised in discussions between contributors, it is helpful not to assume that the other contributor is deliberately inserting his or her POV into the article. We recommend that all contributors carefully consider the situation when they believe that another editor has violated NPOV, or when another contributor has claimed that they have violated NPOV. It is surprisingly easy to hold unconscious POV perspectives.

Working on articles with other contributors is a useful way to learn about your own POV, of which you may have been previously unaware.

What should you do if you notice POV in an article?

Please send an email to Include a link to the page and your reason for believing the neutral point of view in the article has been violated.

You may also add the {{Biased}} template to the top of the page.