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See also: Ballotpedia:Non-free use rationale guidelines for images
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Some material on Ballotpedia is not freely available for re-use elsewhere under the terms of Ballotpedia's GFDL license.

This may be the case with:

  • Text or images where the owner of the copyright has given permission to Ballotpedia to publish or use the text/image, but has not granted further re-use rights to others.
  • A "non-commercial use" only image is used on Ballotpedia for identification or other educational purposes. Such a use on Ballotpedia, indicated as such, does not confer any re-use rights elsewhere.


  • Some images may be uploaded to and used on Ballotpedia that are not available for re-use elsewhere.
  • If you upload an image to Ballotpedia and the image is not one that is available for use elsewhere, you must make this clear on the image's description page.
  • If you upload an image to Ballotpedia, you must establish that the image is available in the public domain or, if the photo is not available in the public domain, you must provide information about the source of the image, its copyright status, and why you believe it is acceptable to use it on Ballotpedia.
  • See Image copyright tags for ideas on how to edit image description pages.