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A POV troll, or point-of-view troll, is a Ballotpedia editor who exhibits several of the following characteristics:

  • Only edits one or two articles on Ballotpedia, typically about a specific ballot measure.
  • Doesn't help build Ballotpedia in other ways.
  • Inserts edits that reflect a clear bias, without attempting to collaborate on building a balanced article. A POV troll comes across as trying to slant the article, rather than as trying to collaboratively build a fair, balanced article.
  • Deletes information from the article that was added by other editors, rather than helping to develop that information and adding context.
  • Wiki-stalks an article, making frequent, quick reversions or edits to slant the article.
  • Doesn't use the talk/discussion page of an article to discuss clearly controversial edits.

Conflict of interest

POV-trolling may be caused by an editor who has a conflict of interest. If you believe that to be the case, you can address those issues on the Conflict of interest/Noticeboard.

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