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State Official Project, Stage 2: In the second stage, we're adding current officeholder links to state official pages and creating stubs for officeholders.

How to write

Please review the project page for style notes.

For this section we will focus on simply updating and adding the current officholder's name. After updating the generic official page (i.e. Governor of Illinois), you'll want to create a stub (basic article) for current officeholder (i.e. Pat Quinn).

For stubs, we essentially want to create a basic page that contains a name, position and various external links. Please review the "things to include" section for specific details. In Stage 3 we will focus on expanding the stubs to include more detailed information about officeholders.

NOTE: Pages may already exist for officeholders, however, please review and update the pages before marking them as completed.

Things to include

  • {{Stategov}} template
  • The first line should include the officeholder's name and their current position. Make sure to bold the name with three apostrophe (') marks on either side of the name. (i.e.Pat Quinn is the current Governor of Illinois.)
  • Contact information
  • See also (links to other BP pages, especially the main official position page - i.e. Governor of California)
  • External links (state official website and/or personal website)
  • The template for the position

Select one of the following:

{{Current governors}}
{{Current lieutenant governors}}
{{State attorneys general}}
{{Secretaries of state}}
{{State treasurers}}
  • Add to these categories:STATE, POSITION.

For example:

[[Category:State government articles]]
  • The WikiProject template to the discussion page

Update related pages

When updating state official articles please make sure to update related templates and the State officials article with the correct and current officeholder's name.


Mark through the pages that you finish so we'll know when it's done. Bold articles that have been started or are currently in progress.

Current Comptrollers/Controllers

Current Treasurers

Current Governors

Current Lieutenant Governors

Current Attorneys General

Current Secretaries of State

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