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Volume 1, Issue 3: 8/4/2009 Ballot measure news

News about ballot measures

Considering that we're in the dog days of summer, and in an off-year to boot, there was a lot of news in the last two weeks about statewide ballot measures. The most-followed news is that signatures were filed on both the Maine Same-Sex Marriage People's Veto (2009) and Washington Referendum 71 (2009). The numbers of signatures filed on the Maine measure seems more than adequate, while the number of signatures filed in Washington seems very close to the bone. Will the Pine Tree State be this year's version of Proposition 8?

Other hot-button issues were not neglected, however. Floridians may be voting on health care and Montanans on eminent domain. Alcohol retailers in Massachusetts may try to qualify a measure for the 2010 ballot that ends the new alcohol sales tax.

A smoking ban referendum in South Dakota is up in the air, or at least approached the rarified atmosphere of a judge's chambers. After all the excitement, some readers might want to just chill out in California.

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