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Volume 1, Issue 10: 12/8/2009 Ballot measure news

News about ballot measures

One great example of how much effort is put into state ballot measures in initiative and referendum states is the state of Massachusetts and their state questions in the upcoming year. At one point, Ballotpedia had the Bay State with 17 potential ballot measures circulating or filed. Ultimately, the Secretary of State certified five for circulation; any or all of these might make the 2010 ballot.

The five state questions that Massachusetts voters may see on their ballot are:

Type Title Subject Description
VR No Sales Tax for Alcohol Initiative Taxes Sales tax eliminated for alcohol sales in the state
IndISS Sales Tax Relief Act Taxes Roll 6.25% sales tax back to 5%, 4%, 3% or 2.5%
IndISS Expand Charter School Options Education Remove limits on number of charter schools, their funding, and enrollment.
IndISS Limit Carbon Dioxide Emissions Environment Biomass renewable energy sources to emit at most 250 pounds of CO2
IndISS Excessive Carbon Dioxide Projects Environment Disqualify energy sources that emit at most 250 pounds of CO2

Looking ahead to 2010, social issues have dominated ballot measure headlines. Filing the language for a measure and grabbing some news coverage can be a far cry from qualifying for the ballot, but here are some measures that are attracting interest:

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