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Volume 1, Issue 10: 12/8/2009 Community Notes

Community notes

Ballotpedia has turned to the hard covers. Staff writers Bailey Ludlam and Al Ortiz will expand our coverage of direct democracy by reporting on core books in the field. David Schmidt's Citizen Lawmakers: The Ballot Initiative Revolution was the first of a dozen books in the period 1991-2004 that expanded scholarly and historical insights into direct democracy in America.

Bailey Ludlam will be reviewing Direct Legislation: Voting on Ballot Propositions in the United States by David Magleby and A Government by the People: Direct Democracy in America, 1890-1940 by Thomas Goebel.

Al Ortiz will review Direct Democracy: The Politics of Initiative, Referendum, and Recall by Thomas E. Cronin.

Look for reports on those books throughout December and January with more to come throughout 2010.

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